It’s been a while.. Well happy new year 2014!!

Its been while since the last time I wrote something here.. I need to be consistent I don’t want this blog end up like the previous blogs that I had before (end up forgetting the password, he he he.. )

The last thing I wrote is about moving to KL.. πŸ˜€ Well here I am..!! almost 3 months since I moved my ass off here… and Β I ‘m glad..!! Im so excited to continue my study, taking my master like I always dream of, since I finished my bachelor degree πŸ™‚

Im having a great start here.. Busy with assignments and passed couples of morning classes + weekend classes Β already before the year end holiday πŸ™‚ damn! I was like “what the F**k am I doing here?? but I am glad!! Can’t be better than this!!


Sounds not that fancy! But I found it! IT IS!! Interesting place to live really.. In some ways its better than Indonesia ( I mean Jakarta of course ), in some ways it is not.. hmpfh come si come sa!! But I do like it.. (The prices and the living cost are higher here.. zzz)

They have a beautiful landmark. Hills and clean big roads here… I love to drive around Malaysia. πŸ™‚ I’ve done some road trip to Penang ( around 4 hours driving), I’ve drove to Johor Bahru ( 5 hours driving in total ) and the last road trip was to Langkawi Island ( 7 hours driving in total + ferry )! My comment was like “WOW”!! can’t complain at all.. the view and the road was so nice! I like it.. and I want to do it more often πŸ™‚ yeaayy!!









Well such a great welcome rave party that I experienced here.. First “AVICII” then “THIRST” next will be “WOW – Steve Aoki” and of course “ASOT650MY” aaaarr I can’t wait I bought the ticket already.. That’s what amazed me! I thought Malaysia gonna be far far away from some kind a lifestyle like this. But I was wrong, they have a lot of rave party even more than rave party than Jakarta does.. WOW!! The framing of muslim country?? ohh please!! here more open and more crazy than I thought! The different is I DONT HAVE MY FRIENDS MY PARTNER IN CRIME HERE! So I need to make a new friends and I did πŸ™‚ Im glad.. πŸ˜€ wohhoo.. ( so far I like it here.. I feel blessed!)

1392447_10202374122133745_1293982032_n 1463103_10202369772745013_1199043071_n 1471757_10202374114653558_1918700558_n 1486860_10202369779825190_348699435_n 1486864_10202598136733970_1440571024_n 1521623_10202474256637045_1721686589_n


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